I can never image what you have been through, having four children under the age of 20. You are the most powerful-est woman is this world. You raised 4 kids while you were still a kid your self. I know you will go above and beyond for us. You’ll take a  trip to hell and back for us. I’m pretty sure that I’ve put you through hell at least once or twice. I’ve seen yourself put yourself through hell at time. I’ve witness you make so many mistake and done things that hurt my brothers and sister so much were they even thought about committing suicide. But with all those mistakes, we can only be angry at you for a moment or even longer that a moment. Why? Because if you compare the mistake you’ve done and all the greatest you’ve done in our living life it not worth being angry at you, and I’m pretty sure we’ve made so many mistake and some mistake you probably don’t even know about.

Mum I know I always tell you but you are my Hero. You have taught me how to love, be independent and be a loving child for our Father God and to also be the a great sister to my brothers and sister. I know I have let you down here and now but thank you so much for never doubting me or ever leaving my side.

It was such an hour to have you living under my roof for a year. Being able to return the favor. I know it was only a year but I guess that just me practicing for the near future were I’ll be taking care of you full time. Make sure you don’t have to work another day in your life mum. You motivate us all in way you can never image. We are so thankful for struggling while we were little because its taught us to work harder and dream bigger.

The amount of pain that our family has gone through it make us the strongest family.

My mum is currently 38 years old, Older brother 22, me 21, younger brother 20 and younger sister 19.

I love you always mum.

Love 2/4.


Neecccy World

This is  amazing I am so excited to share what comes to mine. I am from Queensland Brisbane. My full name is pronounce Shanice but spelt Shance and my surname is Pritchard, my mother maiden name. I am a first time blogger I’m not sure why I am bloging but I want to express my day to day feeling and hope that someone out there also has the same crazy and wild thoughts as me. So from here Welcome to Neecy World!